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Every member of our team is carefully selected so that their experience, skills and attitudes complement the solutions we offer our clients.

We carefully team up with established and prominent suppliers to bring top quality products to Singapore.

We aim to help our clients to get a better balance between the tasks that need to be done and the tasks they would rather be doing.

We are here to make experimenting science while living life a reality!

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Insta BioAnalytik offers laboratory instrumentation, reagents and services for the scientific and medical communities.
Partnering leading manufacturers in different disciplines, we offer

Infinite PossibilitIes

to advance research timely and cost-effectively.


We offer a wide range of instrumentation, covering the areas of analytical measuring technology, biotechnology and microbiology.


& Support

Through our service division, Servability Engineering, we carry out after-sales support and preventive maintenance care.


From disposable pipettes, beakers, cuvettes, gloves, tripods, jacks, spatulas and forceps; find all your laboratory consumables requirements here.



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