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18 Jan 15

Muelheim, Germany

Extendet DAkkS accreditation

The Hellma calibration laboratory has now been accredited by DAkkS (the national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany) for a further five years for its range of NIST traceable reference materials for spectrophotometer validation. Under the previous accreditation, the company was certified to manufacture UV-Vis reference materials for wavelength accuracy and optical density up to an absorbance of 2.05A.

However, pharmaceutical applications, biotechnology and spectrophotometer manufacturers all increasingly require reference materials with a certified absorbance up to 3A. Since NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) is no longer producing the relevant SRM 2930 filter set, Hellma Analytics has manufactured an equivalent reference material, which has been officially certified by NIST, and is available as their 666-S300 filter set.

The latest renewal of its DAkkS accreditation, and the extension of its absorbance certification range, further develops Hellma Analytics CRM (Certified Reference Material) product offering. The company added that this will enhance the service they offer to all those who require validation of the performance of their spectrophotometer or other optical analysis equipment.

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