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18 May 15

Muelheim, Germany

UV/Vis spectroscopy measurements with low or middle quality cuvettes can cause false or not trustworth results because of the deformation of the light beam. In many cases an insufficient surface flatness of the cuvette is the reason. It's impossible to see the difference just with the human eye. So the best way to minimize the rish of false measurements is to trust in the quality of a well-known supplier with many years of manufacturing experience nd technology know-how.

The quality control of the surface flatness of a Hellma Analytics cuvette (figure 1), compared with a competing cuvette (figure 2) shows the big difference. The surface flatness of the Hellma Analytics cuvette is less than 0.001mm (1µl) which is the cutting edge of what's possible today. The surface of the competing cuvette is bent strongly and thus cannot guarantee reliable measurement results and reproducibility. 

Picture1 Hellma cuvette 100

Figure 1. 


Picture2 competitor cuvette 100

Figure 2. 


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