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Grant Aspirator

Designed for the routine aspiration of the supernatant alcohol/ buffer from the walls of microtubes during the DNA/RNA purification, and other macro-molecule re-precipitation techniques. It will be an ideal personal tool for independent operation away from an in-line lab vacuum supply.

  • Fitted with hydrophobic microbiological suction filter – eliminates risk of contamination from the trap flask
  • Built-in micro-compressor – creates negative pressure in the trap flask for the removal of liquid from the microtubes
  • Small, compact and easy to use – slim power cord allows the unit to be used inside workstations and incubators which ensure safety and economical running

About Grant Scientific

Founded in 1952, Grant is a world leader in the manufacture and design of equipment for sample preparation, scientific analysis, data acquisition and data analysis providing solutions to the global scientific and industrial markets. The company has a worldwide reputation for paying the highest attention to quality, reliability, service and support.

The current range of Grant laboratory products continues the same successful philosophy which centres on design excellence and high quality build to provide key customer benefits:

  • Accurate and consistent performance
  • Ease of use
  • Long and reliable working life
  • Long term value for money

Grant has received approval by CSA to test its own products to their rigorous standards and apply the prestigious CSA mark to compliant products under their Category Program.