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Hellma Certified Reference Materials

Hellma Analytics reference materials for UV/Vis spectroscopy meet internationally recognized standards, such as the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) or ISO 9001:2000, that recommend the performance of the spectrophotometers to be checked at regular intervals.

The calibration standard includes the checking for photometric accuracy (absorbance), wavelength accuracy, spectral resolution, stray light as well as absorbance linearity. Glass and liquid filters cover these testing parameters in the UV- and visible range.

Hellma’s calibration laboratory is accredited according to the ISO 17025 and measurements are traceable to primary standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Reference material to check photometric and wavelength accuracy is also available for microplate readers.

About Hellma

Hellma is the world leader in manufacturing of optical components made of glass and quartz for scientific and medical analysis. Founded in 1922, its high-quality precision solutions provide the basis for achieving reliable measurement results in production, quality assurance and research. Hellma today is the favored partner for manufacturers and end users around the world.

Besides manufacturing cells, a new line of products was added to Hellma’s portfolio at the beginning of the 1990’s. New materials and processing techniques led to the development of fibre-optic systems. Here are some significant advantages of these systems: Measurements can be made in situ thereby making time-consuming sample withdrawals and examinations unnecessary. Even hazardous substances can be measured with optical probes without risks. Hellma recognized the potential of such systems early on and made them into a strategic new department with its own research, development and manufacture departments.