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FINEPCR Hybridization Incubators

FINEPCR has a wide range of hybridization incubators to choose from. Users may choose high capacity rotisseries for high sample throughput or select the rocking platform for washing purposes.

The incubators are equipped with rubber magnet sealed door and digital microprocessor control for highest performance. The incubators have a unique dual insulation construction for better temperature recovery after the doors are opened.

A dual chamber with independent control model is suitable for multi-purpose applications and today’s busy laboratory where space is a constraint.


FINEPCR is a South Korean manufacturer of general laboratory equipment for life sciences industry. Established in 1989, the company has since delivered high quality products and developed innovative solutions which are patented.

FINEPCR is represented in more than 30 countries worldwide and has been present in Singapore for more than 10 years. FINEPCR products are CE certified and marked.