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Insta BioAnalytik

Insta bioAnalytik was set up in Year 2000 as a sales and marketing office, offering solutions for the scientific and medical communities. Every member of our team is carefully selected so that their experience, skills and attitudes complement the solutions we offer our clients. We are passionate about what we do and we aim to do it well

Insta bioAnalytik offers laboratory instrumentation, reagents and services for the scientific and medical communities.

Experimenting science is a complex discipline. We aim to help our clients to get a better balance between the tasks that need to be done and the tasks they would rather be doing.

Our Team

professionally trained with proficient knowledge and expertise in our field of works


Besides a relevant education background, each team member is appointed to their role on the basis of having “been there, done that”. Regular training helps to keep our team to be always ready to complement the solutions we cater to our clients.

Services & Support

We know you have many vendors to choose from and we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to serve your needs. The confidence you have placed in us has inspired us to create a team of factory-trained service specialists, offering a portfolio of services to safeguard your investments.

Our service team tests every piece of instrument against factory specifications upon receipt from the supplier and prior to delivery to the customer. Our service specialists will install the instrument and provide the necessary training to ensure correct product usage and proper routine maintenance.

To cater to the varying needs of customers from different industries, a range of IQ/OQ/PQ validation and maintenance services is included in our service portfolio.