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Berthold Micro-plate Reader

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A range of robust, versatile and highly sensitive detection system for life sciences applications like gene expression, DNA and protein quantification, enzyme activities and immunoassays to name a few.


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Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1949 in Bad Wildbad, Germany by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Berthold. The company is renowned for their expertise in high sensitive detection of light, nuclear radiation and microwave technologies.

There are three business units in Berthold, consisting of Industrial Process Control, Bio-analytical Instrumentation and Radiation Protection.

Insta bioAnalytik Pte Ltd is the exclusive distributor for the Bio-Analytical range of instruments, which cover micro-plate reader, luminometer, radio isotope detector, in vivo imager and plate handling apparatus. We are proud to be working with the worldwide leader in luminescence measuring technology, who has provided thousands of luminometers for the research and diagnostics industries.

Grouped by different detectors and optimized optics which guarantee high sensitivity, accuracy and reliability, these micro-plate readers have an ergonomic design as well as a user-friendly software. They are modular basis thus researchers can be assured that each unit are tailored according to their unique applications and budget.

They are capable of detecting fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, HTRF®, fluorescence polarization, AlphaScreen®, luminescence and absorbance.

The multimode reader Mithras demonstrates exceptional performance in BRET technology, which is mainly used in research of G-protein coupled receptors.