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Grant CRF-1 Controlled Rate Freezer

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Grant has been a leading manufacturer of customized thermal control solutions over the past decades, fulfilling the varying needs of each application.

The CRF-1 is liquid nitrogen and cryogen free controlled rate freezer brings accuracy, precision and reproducibility to biological cryopreservation. The cooling rate of the CRF-1 is precisely controlled, ensuring accuracy and reproducibility throughout the freezing profile, especially for the important nucleation/seeding phase. This provides optimal recovery of cells on thawing.


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• Liquid nitrogen and cryogen-free
• Accurate and reproducible control of cooling rates and sample temperatures
• Can be programmed to offer both linear and non-linear cooling profiles
• Samples can be nucleated/seeded in-situ
• Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) is available as an optional accessory to ensure complete cycle run even if power fails
• CE marked for laboratory use

Suitable for cryopreservation research of a wide range of samples in cryovials, straws, bags, microplates and Matrix-96-well block plates in the following areas:

• Transgenic embryos research

    • Stem cell research

    • Clinical and research samples, e.g. lymphocytes and tissue cell lines in conventional cryovials

    • Various mammalian cells including cardiomyocytes, adipose, liver and muscle

    • Cord blood derived stem cells

    • Adherent cells and stem cells in microplates

    • Cell suspensions in numbered/barcoded arrays

    • Robotic integration – the CRF-1 has also successfully been integrated into robotic systems

    • Suitable for applications in veterinarian IVF