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Hellma Standard Cuvettes

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Hellma is leading manufacturer of spectro-optics known for its precision, quality, and consistency.

Standard cuvettes are made from high quality materials – quartz and optical glass. These materials allow measurements in the wavelength ranging from UV to Near-Infrared region. In addition, these materials offer good chemical resistance, temperature resistance and low values of refractive index.

Offering more than 1800 different designs, there will always be a suitable cuvette for an application, be it is for measurement of absorbance, fluorescence, dye laser, reflection, turbidity or colorimetry. Cuvettes for special applications like anaerobic condition, sealable cells, for use with magnetic stirring function, for temperature control, debubbler, flow through cells etc are also available from macro to ultra-micro volume.


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  • High transmission of light from UV to NIR wavelength range
  • Temperature resistance up to 1000 °C
  • Highly resistance to chemicals
  • > 1800 different designs available for selection
  • Standard footprint hence fits into any brand of spectrophotometers
Given the broad variety of designs, please contact us to size up the most appropriate cuvette for your application.
Suitable for all customers who need to do spectrophotometric measurements in UV, VIS and NIR region.
No other accessories is required to enjoy the benefits of Hellma Standard Cuvettes.