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Nepa Gene ELEPO 21 Super Electroporator

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Founded in 2001, Nepa Gene has been a leading manufacturer for state-of-art transfection systems and cell fusion systems.

The ELEPO21 is the preferred instrument for both high and low voltage electroporation. It is ideal for high-voltage electroporation to transform bacterial, fungi and yeasts, yet it offers good transfection efficiency, high viability of primary cells, stem cells and any animal/ plant cell lines.

Its novel 4-step pulse with natural voltage decay results in higher transformation/transfection efficiency and higher viability without the need for specialized and often costly consumables/reagents.

A wide range of optional electrodes is available to cater to the different transformation/ transfection of cells.


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  • Offers novel 4-step multiple electroporation pulse to perform both high- and low-voltage transformation and transfections
  • Up to 3,000 Volt pulses at millisecond range can be delivered to achieve higher transformation efficiency
  • Does not require special buffers
  • Certified with the CE-marking, UL-standard and CSA-standard
Dimensions 432 (W) x 336 (D) x 116 (H) mm
Weight 8.7 kg

Suitable for customers in the lifesciences sector for:

  • Transformation of
    • Bacterial Cells
    • Fungi, Yeasts, etc.
  • Transfection of
    • Primary Cell Cultures
    • Any Cell Lines (animal cells and plant cells)
    • Stem Cells, ES Cells, iPS Cells, etc.
A wide range of electrodes is available to cater to different types of transformation/ transfection.