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Nepa Gene NEPA Porator Super Electroporator

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Founded in 2001, Nepa Gene has been a leading manufacturer for state-of-art transfection systems and cell fusion systems.

The NEPA Porator is an Exponential Decay Wave electroporator for in vitro transformations and transfections. Its ‘Ohm Check’ feature facilitates the measurement of sample’s impedance for optimization of voltage settings. Thus precise and reproducible results are ensured.


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  • Offers exponential Decay Wave electrporation
  • Does not require special buffers
  • Ohm Check’ feature measures sample’s impedance for precise and reproducible electroporation
  • Certified with the CE-marking, UL-standard and CSA-standard
NEPA Porator
Setting of exponential decay wave pulse
Voltage 100 – 500V (5V resolution)500 – 3000V (100V resolution)
Pulse length Nil setting or 1.0 – 5.0ms (0.5ms resolution)
Number of pulses 1 or 2
Measurement of output pulse
Voltage 100 – 3000V (1V resolution)
Time constant Nil setting – measured value is displayed1.0 – 5.0ms setting – set pulse length value is displayed
Other measurements
Impedance 15 – 9999ohm (1ohm resolution)10000 – 50000ohm (10ohm resolution)
Number of program storage 99 programs
Dimensions 335 (W) x 205 (D) x 85 (H) mm
Weight 3.2 kg

Suitable for customers in the lifesciences sector for:

  • Transformation of bacterial cells, fungi, yeasts, etc.
  • Transfection of mammalian cells